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Respond to Bad Faith Claims

Know how to respond to insurance claims

How to Respond to Bad Faith Issues with Your Insurance Company

When you sing hail damage on your property in Corpus Christi, Texas, you may have questions about the best way to protect your rights. You may be under the impression that your insurance company will act in your best interest to pay the claim out quickly after conducting a thorough investigation.

In the event that this is not happen, however, you may be entitled to file a bad faith Insurance claim one of the most important things you can do to protect yourself and experience bad faith Insurance claim attorney with this process. Since the insurance company retains in-house legal team to protect their best interest, you also need someone who is looking out for you.

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Take Action Right Away

The discovery that your insurance company may not be acting in good faith is a frustrating one particularly if you have spent years with them as a loyal policyholder, but the only way to protect yourself is to get help from a knowledgeable lawyer right away. One of the most common ways for an adjuster to respond when they are engaging in these tactics is to avoid communication with you at all. You can prompt action by sending a letter.

Send a Certified Letter

Knowing what to look for in a bad faith claim is perhaps one of the most important things to bring to the table with a claim. If you believe that the adjuster in your case is using bad faith tactics to delay or deny your claim, you may request that you receive the reasoning behind his or her actions in writing. If the adjuster won’t respond to this, send out a certified letter with your request. You can also use this letter to outline the tactics currently taken by the insurance company that you believe to be bad faith efforts. This is often the first step in alerting the insurance company of your intention to file a claim.

Get a Lawyer

Once you have sent a certified letter and been notified that it was signed for by the adjuster, you should wait for a response. Ideally, your letter will prompt the adjuster to abandon their bad tactics. If not, however, you have already begun creating a paper trail of the bad faith tactics on the part of the insurance company. This may prove to be valuable evidence in establishing a pattern if you move forward with a bad faith claim.

No one should have to deal with a situation in which the insurance company is trying to take advantage of them, but unfortunately this happens all too often. The only way to protect yourself in a case like this is to retain an experienced and dedicated Corpus Christi bad faith hail damage insurance claim attorney. You have enough to worry about with the damage to your home- let someone else take the reins to fight for you in court. Your lawyer can help you close this matter out so you can move on with your life.

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