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Bad Faith Insurance Claim Stages

Get to know the stages of Bad Faith Insurance Claim

What Are the Stages of a Bad Faith Insurance Claim?

If you have been a victim of a bad faith insurance dealing, you need to file a bad faith claim as soon as possible. This may be the only way to protect your interests and to give you the peace of mind that someone is fighting hard on your behalf.

First of all, you have to know that your case meets the grounds for a bad faith claim. The insurance company may have provided poor customer service or delayed your payment, but this may have been for unavoidable or reasonable purposes. The only situations in which you’ll be able to file a bad faith claim are those in which the insurance company purposefully acted without doing their evaluation or claims process appropriately. If you suspect that this has been an issue in your case, a sit-down meeting with a bad faith lawyer can make you more aware of the steps you need to take.

Identifying and insurance case that may be classified as bad faith can be challenging, particularly when your case is already complicated. In some situations, the insurance company may wait a while to make a decision about your case because it is a difficult or complex claim to begin with. However, there are several signs to watch out for when dealing with an insurance company that may indicate they are acting in bad faith. These include:

  • Failure to conduct an appropriate investigation
  • Immediate denial of your claim with no explanation
  • Refusing to explain benefits
  • Stopping all communication about claim status
  • Unnecessary and unreasonable delays in paying your benefits

Preparing for Legal Action with a Bad Faith Claim

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The first stage of a bad faith insurance claim associated with hail damage is gathering all the evidence that indicates the insurance company acted in bad faith. All phone calls and correspondence should be kept in chronological order. You also need to show proof that you, as the victim, attempted to rectify the situation.

Written statements can be extremely viable for supporting this allegation that the insurance company acted unfairly with your hail damage claim. Finally, once you have gathered all of your materials, you need to contact an experienced bad faith insurance attorney. You will be filing a lawsuit against a large corporation that probably has an extensive legal department. This means you need to give yourself an advantage by ensuring that you have somebody advocating for your best interests as well. This comes in the form of a bad faith claim attorney.

It is not a simple task to file a bad faith claim and you need someone who has experience in this field so that you can navigate the complex legal system associated with coming after an insurance company for a bad faith claim. You should never have to suffer because of an insurance company's unreasonableness or unwillingness to keep you informed but if this has already happened to you, the best thing you can do for your case is to get help right away.

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