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The appraisal process

How will it influence your insurance claim?

How Does the Appraisal Process Influence Your Insurance Claim?

Many policy holders may need advice about hail damage when their insurance company is not following through on their end of the deal. When it comes to roof damage due to hail, covered by an insurance policy, you may find yourself in a dispute with the insurance company or the adjustor. In many situations, the insurance company's estimate may be lower than estimates you have received from competent local and trusted contractors.

When getting an insurance policy, you might be tempted to focus primarily on the cost of the policy and a company with a good reputation. Often, though, you want to look deeper into the policy itself to ensure you understand what you have to do if you want to pursue legal action against the insurance company. While no claimant wants to find themselves in this situation, the right thing to do is to educate yourself in advance so that you are prepared if you have to move forward with a legal claim for bad faith.

Read Your Policy to Understand Your Rights with Insurance Claims for Hail

One powerful clause inside your existing insurance policy has to do with the appraisal process. This may allow you to resolve roof disputes using the insurance appraisal clause. Hail damage claim agreements may be outlined in the section under what to do after a loss. Appraisal is the clause within the homeowners' insurance policy that allows a process for settling up disputes between the insurance company and the homeowner.

The disputes may be about many different types of damage to property or buildings but in this particular case it would apply to hail roof damage. The adjustor is responsible for determining the damages to the siding, the windows and the roof from the hail. If the homeowner hired a contractor, however, who gave a hail damage repair estimate for a different amount of money, then this could lead to a disagreement between the two parties. Either the homeowner or the insurance carrier now has the responsibility and the right to submit a written demand for appraisal. An independent appraiser has to come in and evaluate and settle this dispute.

One of the biggest mistakes that homeowners can make in this process is to hire someone who does not have experience in this field. Hiring a knowledgeable bad faith insurance attorney can assist you when you believe that the insurance company is not acting fairly as a result of what is outlined in the policy itself.

You may have many questions about your rights and responsibilities as this case unfolds but if the insurance company and their employees are not treating you appropriately, or if they have crossed the line into unethical or unfair territory, you may be eligible to file a bad faith insurance claim. This may be your opportunity to hold the insurance company responsible and to receive the support that you need for the damage claim to begin with, and hiring a lawyer to help you can move the case along quickly.

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